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Nouri's many failures

Thug and prime minister of Iraq continues his assault on Anbar by killing civilians in Falluja.  National Iraqi News Agency reports his shelling of Falluja's residential neighborhood have left 7 civilians dead today and seventeen injured.  These are War Crimes.

In other violence, National Iraqi News Agency reports the Ministry of the Interior announced they killed 12 suspects "on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah,"  an al-Radhwaniya roadside bombing claimed 2 lives and left six more people injured, 1 person was shot dead in Alkhotway, 1 person was shot dead in Hartha,  1 person was shot dead and another left injured in an Abu Ghraib attack, an eastern Mosul battle left 2 rebels dead, a Mosul roadside bombing left 2 police members dead and a third injured,  2 Ramadi suicide bombers took their own lives and the life of 1 police member (with four more injured), 1 male corpse was found dumped on a street in Kirkuk (Alsumaria notes he was blindfolded and his hands were bound), and 3 corpses were found dumped "in an orchard are in Arab Jaour, south of Baghdad" (shot "in the head and chest").  Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 435 violent deaths in Iraq so far this month.

In yesterday's snapshot, I called Jane Arraf out for her latest lies including that Moqtada's followers would vote for Nouri because Moqtada had retired from politics. I noted that we'd gone over all of this before (see the the February 18th snapshot) but that Moqtada's supporters would not vote for Nouri.   In addition to those long standing reasons, I also pointed out that al-Sadr's candidates were running the election, they've always planned on that.

'Not so,' insists an e-mail from a US journalist, 'not so!  Moqtada retired and the bloc with him.'

Uh, no.  Does your outlet how deeply stupid you are?

Let's briefly review.

Moqtada al-Sadr announced his political retirement February 15th.  February 18th, he delivered a speech --  CounterPunch posted the speech in full  -- emphasizing his decision. February 26th,  NINA noted the rumors that Moqtada left Iraq, "The sources noted in a press statement that Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr left today's afternoon the city of Najaf heading to the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to complete his religious studies and stay away from the political scene as he officially announced for all Iraqis."  Yet March 14th, Moqtada returned to Iraq.

Clearly, Moqtada has not stepped away from the political scene.  Things might be easier for Nouri if he had.

Who was it that got Moqtada to return?  Who should Nouri blame for that?

From the March 14th snapshot:

Background. Nouri's big mouth ended up tanking his own two-day conference.  For those who missed it, Nouri's fat mouth was flapping last Saturday insulting many as he spoke to France24.  France 24's Mark Perelman interviewed (link is text and video) Nouri for a half hour broadcast which aired Saturday.  In the interview, Nouri's well noted paranoia was on full display as he repeatedly declared, in the very first two minutes, his alleged 'victory' over those attempting to turn Iraq and Syria into one country ("there are goals to create a one state," "create a state -- one part in Syria and one part in Iraq").  He continued to gab and began accusing other countries of supporting terrorism (he was supposedly going to reveal proof of his gossip in the conference but, as usual, his fat mouth made empty promises).  He also insulted Moqtada.

That's right, Moqtada returned because Nouri attacked him on French television.

Moqtada's retirement was brief.  While retired he went to Iran.  His followers did not -- that includes the candidates who are running in the election.  Are.

Ashraq al-Awsat reports today:

A “crisis” between current Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki and the Sadrist movement will erupt following the legislative elections later this month, according to comments by veteran Iraqi MP Hassan Al-Alawi on Monday.
Alawi, an independent MP who is running in the April 30 poll as a member of the Sadrist Movement, said that a clash between the movement and the prime minister’s State of Law Coalition over the shape of the next government of Iraq was all but inevitable.
Alawi told Asharq Al-Awsat: “The Sadrists have [taken] a strong stance against a third term for Maliki regardless of the number of seats they win or Maliki wins, and regardless of the pressure exerted by foreign parties, especially the Iranians.”

Get it?  Are.  Alawi "is running in the April 30 poll as a member of the Sadrist Movement."

Jane Arraf's lied for years -- maybe not in her post-country briefings, but in her role as a reporter, yes.

Speaking of bad journalists, April 9th we were showing skepticism about the latest claims from Iraq's Minister of Oil that a solution to the unresolved oil issues between Baghdad and Erbil would "be reached within days."  Very unlikely based on the past history and the current events but some reporters did run with it, treating the pronouncement as fact.  It's not happening "within days."  All Iraq News reports today:

MP, Mahmoud Othman, of the Kurdistani Alliance ruled out settling the disputes between the Kurdistani Regional Government and the Central Government.

He stated to AIN "I do not expect solving the problems between Baghdad and Erbil before the elections."

Another failure for Nouri.

For the last few weeks, Nouri's been moving prisoners out of Abu Ghraib prison.  World Bulletin notes that "the prison was also used as a torture facility by Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime."  AFP adds, "In 2004, then under control by U.S. troops, Abu Ghraib was at the center of a scandal over detainee abuse."   AP also offers a brief sentence about the Abu Ghraib War Crimes, "Under U.S. troops, Abu Ghraib was at the center of a 2004 scandal over detainee abuse."   Only France24 notes, "Fresh abuse claims surfaced in 2013 after the facility became known as Baghdad Central Prison."

And the reason they're talking today?  Fars News Agency reports:

The Iraqi justice minister announced the closure of a prison in West of the capital Baghdad, and evacuation of all inmates over security concerns.
Hassan al-Shimmari said on Tuesday that 2400 inmates have been transferred from the Baghdad Central Prison, formerly known as Abu Ghraib prison and situated 32 kilometers (20 miles) West of Baghdad, to prisons located in central and North provinces, press tv reported.

Nouri's shutting down the prison because he's such a failure at security, he can't even guarantee the protection of a Baghdad prison.

What a loser, what a failure.  And yet he thinks he deserves a third term as prime minister.

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    War Criminal Tony Blair's many scandals

    Yesterday, Iraq got back in the UK news cycle as a result of statements by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.  Today, the Liberal Democrats issued the following (Clegg is a Liberal Democrat):

    Nick Clegg has called for the publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq war, which identifies exactly what happened in the run-up to the conflict in Iraq.
    The Chilcot report includes about 200 cabinet-level discussions, 25 notes from Tony Blair to George W Bush and more than 130 records of conversations between the former US president and Tony Blair.
    The progress of the report began in 2009 and has cost millions of pounds so far. However, it is not clear why there is a delay in the process and Nick believes that some of those in line for scrutiny are holding up the process. He followed on to say that those who might be criticised must accept that this will happen considering that it was “one of the most momentous, one of the most catastrophic decisions in British foreign policy”.
    "I'm sure Chilcot himself would like to get on with it as quickly as possible, I can't comment on exactly the reasons why, given there's a lot of to-ing and fro-ing about what is finally produced in published form in the report.
    "Exactly what the holdup now is - this involved a lot of people, a lot of legalities and, of course, is a very, very sensitive issue.
    "But I really do think now, everybody involved – including those who know they will be subject to renewed scrutiny from the Chilcot report – they all now accept that it is time that the report was published so the record can be scrutinised in the most objective way possible."

    This is big news in England, not really noted by the US media.

    Kind of like the other scandal War Criminal Tony Blair was already facing.

    Wills Robinson (Daily Mail) explains:

    Tony Blair's religious charity has links to an Islamic extremist group being investigated by MI5 and MI6, it has been alleged.
    It has been claimed that two Muslim leaders, who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, are advising The Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
    The organisation has been declared a terrorist group in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and could be banned in Britain, despite insisting they do not have links to extremist factions. 

    Blair tries to play it as a minor issue.  He was scrambling to deal with it on Monday before the Clegg statements.  Blair's office issued this statement yesterday:

    Last weekend, the Sunday Telegraph published an article about two of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation's advisors. The Office of Tony Blair released the following statement regarding the article:
    The recent piece in the Sunday Telegraph  is just another attempt to undermine Mr Blair's work. His opposition to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is well known so the article is particularly absurd.
    "Both Dr Ismail Khudr Al-Shatti and Dr Mustafa Ceric have long and proud records in their commitment to peace and are great supporters of both the foundation and promoting understanding between people of different faiths"
    "The recent piece in the Sunday Telegraph is just another attempt to undermine Mr Blair's work. His opposition to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is well known so the article is particularly absurd.
    "Both Dr Ismail Khudr Al-Shatti and Dr Mustafa Ceric have long and proud records in their commitment to peace and are great supporters of both the foundation and promoting understanding between people of different faiths."

    The issue of whether the two are terrorists or not might matter to the US government when determining whether or not to put Tony Blair on a no-fly list, but it has more meaning than that.


    War Criminal Tony Blair isn't just a former prime minister and his so-called Faith Foundation isn't his only credit at present.  He's also the Special Envoy for the Quartet on the Middle East and his associations with his foundation present difficulties for him as Special Envoy.  He might even have to resign if the issue doesn't fade and that little title of Special Envoy is all he's clung to in an attempt to shield his battered image.

    Now he has to scramble to deal with Clegg's statements as well.  Sam Coates (The Australian) notes, "Mr Blair's office suggested that by saying Iraq was the worst foreign policy catastrophe since Suez, Mr Clegg was ignoring events in Syria."

    War Criminal Tony Blair is attempting to sell war on Syria and he's getting near hysterical on the topic.  Seymour Hersh's  "The Red Line and the Rat Line" (The London Review of Books) exposed the reality of the claims used last fall in an attempt to sell war on Syria -- the false claims.

    Possibly, it's too embarrassing for the US media -- having whored themselves so ridiculously on the part of the White House to sell another war -- to note Hersh's report which smacks down all their whoring and all the celebrity Tweeting by faded has beens who felt their role in 'world peace' was to sell a war?

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    #WaveOfAction Call Audio (David DeGraw)

    David DeGraw notes the following:

    I'm getting back into the flow after an intense battle with the flu. Man oh man, being sick makes you truly appreciate and be grateful for GOOD HEALTH. Spring is in the air and we are now focusing on upcoming #EarthDay actions. I’ll be co-moderating today’s #WaveOfAction organizing call at 1pm EST with another amazing line up of speakers…

    If you haven’t been on any of the calls yet, you’re missing out on incredibly inspiring conspiring. 

    You can register to be on the call here

    Today is #TaxDay. Great time for a #WaveOfAction! Tell the government how to spend your tax money with Personal Allocations via #TheNewIRS...

    What are you doing to #BeTheChange for the #WaveOfAction? Susan Mae has been giving out organic seed library starter kits to friends & co-workers...

    Please get out in public this Earth Day, take action and help shift global consciousness...

    I'll leave you with one last graphic, via those graffiti anarchists at Wave of Action LA...

    Talk to you at 1pm EST

    "BOSTON WRONG" (Mike Palecek)

    In the US, Mike Palecek and  Chuck Gregory host a once a week radio program entitled The New American Dream Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio.

    Boston Wrong

    I work at a group home.
    And I recall one of the residents a while back watching the Jodi Arias trial on the TV, so we saw hours and hours of detailed examination of that murder case.
    If we had a real press, we would get that sort of nuanced, enthusiastic, full-blown coverage and discussion of the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook case, 911, the anthrax scare, the RFK, MLK and JFK murders, not to mention Waco and Oklahoma City, and this would not be a nation headed full-speed down hill with the brakes blown, toward fascism.
    The video you can view online of the law enforcement officers forcing the people out of their homes in Watertown, Massachusetts reminds me of ...